The one where we retain our sanity in a stupid world

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I want to discuss a popular TV show my wife and I have been binge-watching on Netflix. It’s the story of a family man, a man of science, a genius who fell in with the wrong crowd. He slowly descends into madness and desperation, led by his own egotism. With…

Thoughts on George MacDonald and Fantasy’s First Novel

Genre can be a rigid, exclusionary concept, a law chiseled upon sacred tablets. And yet, fantasy often pulls other creative works into its oozing, pseudopod grasp — absorbing everything in a slow, but deliberate crawl across literature. If the law of genre declares anything with a touch of the supernatural…


“I make space for a few miracles. And maybe you’re one of them?”

The following is an excerpt from my novella, A Slow Parade in Penderyn: Book One of the Dryad’s Crown. The book is available for pre-order on

Piper was up later than usual, but she refused to go to bed until Timon told her a story. The priest sat on…


Public Relations at the End of the World

The following is an excerpt from my novel, Wear Chainmail to the Apocalypse (Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3). In this chapter, I explore a trope of the apocalyptic genre: The living are confined, while the infected roam free. How does our fearful narrator maintain his sanity? …


Eileen always thought the rats would eat the cockroaches — or that the presence of cockroaches would indicate an absence of rats. Imagine her displeasure when both proliferated and partnered together. During the year she lived with Chad, the cockroaches appeared on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Eileen…

photo from Facebook, Texas Academy of Figurative Art


by April Hopkins

I read an Instagram post of someone who not-so-subtly declared an end in sight for the conceptual and abstract expressionist art movements — that have dominated our society for the past 100 years — and proclaimed a return to more classical styles. Another Renaissance, if you will. …


8 Rules for Kids with Cellphones

Once my daughter Kennedy was old enough to stay home alone, the question of getting her a cellphone also came up. Suddenly, I was thrown into unfamiliar territory. Parenting is a challenge when the problem takes on weighty, almost absurd levels of symbolic meaning. …


The Most Important Thing a DM Can Do At the Beginning of Any Game

A few weeks ago, I attended Origins Game Fair with three of my closest friends. (Full disclosure: All of us are fairly experienced DMs. Thus, we have a lot of opinions on Dungeons & Dragons. I consider myself a writer — first and foremost — and view any DMing as…


Tammi True was crass and irreverent, and I will miss her terribly.

Sometimes, you work on a story, and it gets much larger than you ever anticipated. In 2010, I pitched the idea for an article on the re-emerging burlesque scene in Dallas. My editor Tim liked it, and thus I began work on my first feature for D Magazine. I initially…


Talking to Students About Abortion, Weed, and Dress Code

As a former school teacher, I’ve thought a lot about how we think through the tough issues. For several years, I assigned a “social issues” essay to my students. And I always began this assignment the same way, by saying, “Students, you should know that good and intelligent people will…

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